About CDEP

The Centre for Development and Environment Policy (CDEP) was established in 1998 as an interdisciplinary platform of the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. Supported by a core endowment provided by the Indian Planning Commission, CDEP addresses crucial interdisciplinary issues associated with the complex relationship between economic activities and the natural environment. CDEP addresses the issue of sustainable development and undertakes research, teaching as well as training activities on the important dimensions of the relationship between environment and development at the organizational, regional, national and global levels. IIMC as a national institute of excellence, CDEP has developed a close working relationship with policy makers in Indian industry, government, NGOs and international organizations related to sustainable development. A number of faculty members of the Institute from various disciplines closely collaborate in various CDEP activities, which is coordinated by a core committee. The range of research, training and publication activities expected from a setup for interdisciplinary studies like the CDEP is very wide, which includes sustainable development, energy studies, environmental economics, biodiversity and biotechnology, climate change, science, environment and global governance, etc.